Episode 7

Are You Corrupted By Compromise?

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What's the problem or the issues that result from compromise?

We are taught that in today's world and society, we must learn to compromise if we want to have good relationships, enjoy good social standing and receive the best of what life has to offer ... but not so fast Bucko!

The truth is something much different than what the world insists upon and compromise is not only very dangerous but can be extremely costly to the Christian or church that chooses to surrender to the pressure to compromise!

In fact, we may need to recapture what has been surrendered by the choices to compromise and the Lord will help us if we will face the poor choice to agree to compromise with this present world!

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In 1995 Dr. Timothy became serious about being a spiritually minded saint of God after nearly 20 years since being born again.
Timothy finally understood that spiritual/moral success doesn't come through "academic" Christianity and "theoretical" theology ... "real life Christinity" develops through understanding what God means by what God says - applying that to all of life and not just to talk about it in church!
Timothy completed the doctorate in theology with his dissertation on being God's sons who serve Him rather than servants trying to work their way into positions in God's family!
For many years now, Dr. Timothy's "Word For Life Truth Lessons" have helped Christians in all walks of life find the freedom of being spiritually minded!